We Bear Witness: Celebrities & Islam in 2018

MAKKAH – Many news stories about celebrities, Islam and Muslims have made headlines during the year 2018.

In this mini-file, we offer you a glimpse of the stories and features that were the most interesting to our readers in 2018, hoping you enjoy reading them again.

Sinéad O’Connor Finds Islam

We’ll always know her best as Sinead O’Connor, but now she’s got yet another new name, Shuhada’ Davitt, and a new religion, Muslim.

Popular Irish Singer Converts to Islam

Dipika Kakar Becomes Muslim Too

Indian TV actress Dipika Kakar, who embraced Islam before marrying Indian actor Shoaib Ibrahim, says she is proud to be a Muslim.

Indian Actress Converts to Islam

German Politician Arthur Wagner

Arthur Wagner, a member of the far-right, anti-Islam Alternative for Germany (AfD), converted to Islam in January 2018.

German Far-right Politician Reveals Why He Converted to Islam

Sweden Team Goalie

The goalkeeper for Sweden national team under 19, Ronja Andersson, has converted to Islam, after years of studying the religion.

Sweden Team Goalie Converts to Islam

German Convert on Deathbed

Though he isn’t a celebrity, a video showing a 75-year-old ailing German converting to Islam on his deathbed has gone viral.

Emotional Video: German Man Converts to Islam on Deathbed

A Celebrity of Medicine

With more than 6 million hours of video lessons viewed online, Muslim medicine professor Hussain Sattar has become a celebrity for medical students in the US and across the world.

How This Muslim Medical Professor Became A Celebrity