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How Do I Connect to a Greater Power, Atheist Asks?

Short Answer: Get in touch with nature and reconnect with that beautiful soul with which you were created. Submit your whole self –body, mind, and soul— to God and allow Him to guide you on a spiritual adventure to find your value and purpose in life. _____________________________________ Peace and blessings to you. I am deeply …

From Bad Boy To Finding Islam!

He was a bad boy. He hung around with bad people just to fit in, they would commit robberies and do drugs. One day he felt there is more to life and he found Islam!

We Bear Witness; Celebrities & Islam In 2018

Islam is the fastest growing religion, many take their shahahdah, including well known celebs! Take a look at those who accepted Islam in 2018! We Bear Witness: Celebrities & Islam in 2018

We Bear Witness: Celebrities & Islam in 2018

MAKKAH – Many news stories about celebrities, Islam and Muslims have made headlines during the year 2018. In this mini-file, we offer you a glimpse of the stories and features that were the most interesting to our readers in 2018, hoping you enjoy reading them again. Sinéad O’Connor Finds Islam We’ll always know her best …

Searching World Religions ... Finding Islam

Finding Islam is a journey, a process, which can take weeks, months or years. Keith Washington grew up in the Bible Belt area of Southern Texas. He was a Baptist Christian till around the age of 17 After reading the Bible. he started a journey searching for the truth, searching world religions… This is his …

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