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5 Life-Changing Lessons My Muslim Friends Taught Me

5 Life-Changing Lessons I learned From Muslim Friends

Like many converts to Islam, I had been raised with several morals and practices that were quite similar to Islamic values. This made the transition quite easy in some ways. My Christian parents had taught me to strive for honesty, kindness, fairness, self-discipline, and God-consciousness, so these concepts were not new to me when I …

Abba and Vegan Food: `Eid Is Fun!

Everyone knows how to be a ’serious’ Muslim, right? Just grow a beard, wear loose clothes, scatter Arab words into your every day speech, never grin or (God forbid) laugh loudly in public and you’re seen as pious. What’s been forgotten in this race to out-pious one another, is this:  Islam is meant to make …

New Muslims: Why Celebrate Eid?

New Muslims: Why Celebrate Eid?

Celebrating as a group bestows a sense of belonging, something crucial to feeling fulfilled. Many converts feel isolated from their community and refuse to even attend Eid prayer, citing that a lot of born Muslims are guarded when it comes to converts.

Stories of Converts in Ramadan

Stories of Converts in Ramadan

It was Ramadan and the time for reward was slipping away quickly. My cohorts and I decided to seize the opportunity. We set up in the mosque to pray through the night in the last ten days of Ramadan. In the small hours of the morning, we alternately snacked…

3 Verses in the Quran That Inspire My Life

3 Verses in the Quran That Inspire My Life

These verses often show up for me when these conflicts reach their peak and I feel as though there is no way that I could ever talk to or work with that other person again. The key to these two verses is that forgiveness – a concept that we are all familiar with…

Embrace: Supporting Muslim Converts During Ramadan

People in the US across backgrounds continue to enter Islam. Although a new faith often includes spiritual upliftment and growth, there are challenges. New Muslims and converts often encounter unique challenges that require Muslim communities’ support. “Converts need to be treated with patience and compassion to help them grow,” explained Nahela Morales, Co-founder of Embrace, …

Ramadan Converts First-Time Fasting Stories, Challenges

As a practicing Muslim since her conversion in 2012, Sara Hanson has fasted for Ramadan every year since then, even managing to forego food and drink alongside her Muslim-born husband since 2004. What she hasn’t been able to do, however, is divulge her chosen faith to her family, least of all her mother. “I’ve thought …

Reflections on Zakat, Third Pillar of Islam

Reflections on Zakat, the Third Pillar of Islam

I remember everything that everyone ever said to me… Nobody ever mentioned anything about “Zakat”. In Islam, it’s usually not put this way, but isn’t “Zakat” one of the “Five Pillars”? Isn’t it listed before “fasting” and “pilgrimage”?

Popular Malaysian Drama Director Converts to Islam

Michael Ang, a popular Malaysia TV drama director,  has revealed that he converted to Islam a year ago, saying he does not want people to be confused when they see him entering the mosque to perform prayers, New Straits Times reported. “Alhamdulillah, I’ve been a Muslim for more than a year now and I’m now …

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