In Its Third Year, ‘Our Mosques Our Future’ Goes Virtual

“Our Mosques Our Future” is becoming more than a simple means of gathering for British mosque leaders to share best practice and celebrate good work.

Previous events on themes including #MoreThanAPrayerSpace, #PeopleNotBuildings, and #OurYouthOurFuture in 2018-19 was attended by over 1,200 mosque leaders and volunteers nationwide.


The 2020 event, Beyond COVID, set to run from November 27-29, will include 10 free virtual sessions due to the second COVID-19 shutdown.

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The event hosts a galaxy of speakers including Imam Abid Khan, Sister Sufia Alam, Is’haaq Jasat, and Ayub Seedat.

Also Dr. Abdul Azim, Humayun Saleem, Imam Ajmal Masroor, John Williams and Imran Hussain will participate.

The themes tabled for discussions include “Delivering Mosque Services Digitally”, “Leadership Through Uncertain Times”, and “Mental Health & COVID-19.”

Organized by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), #OurMosquesOurFuture offers an opportunity to share best practice and good work of UK mosques.

The MCB has moved in recent years to be a more influential institution looking to improve the circumstance of British Muslims, both internally within the Muslim community as well as externally with the non-Muslim community.

The MCB’s primary objective is “to promote cooperation, consensus, and unity in Muslim affairs.”