Australia Muslims Raise Funds for Bushfire Victims

The Islamic Society of South Australia has kicked off a new crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the members of the local community affected by bushfires.

“Our next initiative is to help our local community is for the Adelaide Hills bush fires and other affected areas around South Australia,” the group wrote on their page on GoFundMe.

“The catastrophic fire conditions so far have killed one person, injured several, burnt through almost 25,000 hectares of land, destroyed numerous homes, buildings and vehicles.”

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The campaign was kicked off on Sunday, December 22, by the Islamic Society. It aims to raise $10,000 over the next 10 days. The money will be donated to the CFS SA Country Fire Service.

According to the 2016 Australian Census, the number of Muslims in Australia constituted 604,200 people, or 2.6% of the total Australian population, an increase of over 15% of its previous population share of 2.2% reported in the previous census 5 years.

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Muslims have been offering a helping hand to their communities struggling with drought and bushfire.

In December and November, a group of Muslim men drove for five hours to host free barbecue for bushfire victims.

Earlier in November, a Southern Queensland town received a massive donation of tonnes of hay from Muslim Aid Australian charity.

Last year on `Eid Al-Adha day, more than 30,000 Australian Muslims gathered in Sydney to pray for rain and an end to the worst drought in living memory.

In 2016, a big number of Muslim refugees volunteered to help save communities from dangerous bushfires, in an area facing a shortage of fire-fighting volunteers.