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Beyond Worship – UK Mosques Doing it Right

It’s far too easy to point out poorly behaving mosques across the UK, but after last week’s Visit My Mosque day, we are happy to report many mosques are making great strives to support their communities and beyond. Several mosques in the UK have hosted open door events for decades, and over 200 took place in this year’s initiative.

The East London Mosque is one of the larger communities that received millions of visitors in its century of service, including a visit from Prince Charles. But among the dozens of participating mosques, many smaller ones also have services worthy of recognition.

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Knowing new cultures 💪💪

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Shahada services

Al-Medinah Mosque in Brighton recognizes the need to support new converts with a program that guides “you slowly through the procedure, providing support and advice throughout the entire process” to become a Muslim, as well as one-on-one counseling services for would-be Muslims.


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Just for sisters

Sisters services are glaringly lacking in many facilities, but Greenland Masjid and Community Center who can brag: “GLMCC prides itself in the enormous contribution of the Sisters in all departments and services. From management level to service output the energy and work is unrivalled.” Day-to-day contributions from sisters have helped them to build an outstanding schedule of courses just for sisters.

Health services

In recent years mosques have begun implementing physical and mental health services into their offerings. Dar Ul-Isra Mosque in Cardiff has, perhaps one of the best programs with exercise classes including yoga, Pilates and kickboxing. Norbury Muslim Centre also has a diverse selection of offerings including fitness sessions, bike and hike events, a well-appreciated table tennis, and supporting swimming and gym facilities through Ummah sports.

Youth focus

Evening and weekend Islamic and Qur’an education for youths are standard for most mosques, while many of the UK mosques participating in VMM are filling the void with more youth activities.

Norbury Muslim Centre keeps a full youth calendar with fun weekend sessions and sports. In addition to a lively schedule of guest speakers, Harrow Mosque also hosts youth activities beyond madrassa, such as their free youth Street Cricket.

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With an especially lively schedule of guest speakers Harrow Mosque has taken the initiative to make their presentations as well as other events and even the daily prayers free to the public via Live Streaming.

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Today Honourable Shaykh Faid Mohammed Said (May Allah Preserve Him) was visited by representatives of TrueTube. An organisation that is working to provide content for Religious Education in Schools, the purpose is to educate children on all the major religions and provide materials especially through videos. In the meeting the representatives Kim and Bob mentioned that they had covered Christianity and Judaism, and requested Respected Shaykh Faid to be part of this project in order to educate the children about Islam specifically the Quran and its understanding. A lot of questions were asked by the respected guests which Respected Shaykh Faid answered in detail and it reached to a point where both guests were left in awe upon hearing the response. This has been a productive meeting for the education department of Harrow Central Mosque led by Honourable Shaykh Faid (May Allah Preserve Him), in order to portray the correct understanding of Islam in these difficult times. Please Share

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While Visit My Mosque has made a tremendous dent in interfaith dialogues, it has also proven beneficial to highlight the innovative and much-need work Muslims are doing in their communities.