What are Black Muslim Families Doing this October?

Celebrating Black History Month in the UK

Black History month often has us reflecting on the pains, accomplishments and joys Black people have suffered for generations. As is said, ““Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”(Edmund Burke). From what we know of our history, Black Muslims are brilliantly rising. Knowing well their past and present,

The Black Muslim Family Festival is a celebration by reveling in and sharing the successes and endeavors of the current generations.

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Dozens of Black Muslim scholars, activists, artists, healers, and entertainers (many are parents too) are coming together for the month of October “inspiring change and growth throughout Africa and the diaspora.” The month-long festival is hosted by Na’ima B. Robert and Boonaa Muhammed. 

So Far, So Fabulous

Participants have already benefited and also enjoyed the festival immensely, remarking:

“It was such an empowering session! MashAllah! I laughed till my belly hurt and I learned a great deal, as per usual. I don’t know if we truly appreciate the importance of such a safe space for Muslim women to discuss topics that are usually taboo in many of our communities. We are craving for such a space to ask questions relating to sexual health and pleasure. Many of us never had this opportunity. Na’ima B. Robert is simply an outstanding facilitator and Angelica Lindsey-Ali is an exceptional educator. MashAllah! May Allah preserve you both.” – Z.

“Masha Allah what a lovely session [two hearts]. I got through all the emotions in the session.” – Z.H.

“Wowww I just watched this session back and ma sha Allah this was amazing I hope there will be some type of follow up sessions concerning this topic, outside of this festival, because I feel these Ladies (and probably other sisters out there as well ) are able to share so much more knowledge than that has just been shared ma sha Allah. Again this was a-ma-zing.” – L.

“Allah loves us. Period. I will not internalize any anti-black rhetoric about our existence.” – Z.

For the Second Half of October…

This weekend, October 16 – 18, the festival’s focus is “Black Muslim Wealth.”

Topics covered will be:

  • Building Generational Wealth
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leveraging Crowdfunding
  • Property Investment for the Black Muslim Community Celebrating
  • Black Hair Workshop
  • Black Muslim Author Showcase Black + Muslim Business Expo

Next weekend’s (October, 23 – 25) topics will center on “Black Muslim Future.”

Attendees will have access to prior recorded live sessions from earlier in the month.

You can get (free) tickets and further information on the Black Muslim Family Festival here