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Muslim Footballers

Football's Muslim Role Models on the Increase, Says FA Council Member

A growing number of British Muslims have been joining football sport thanks to the increase of Muslim role model footballers like Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, the Football Association Councillor Rimla Akhtar said. “As former chair of the Muslim Women’s Sport Foundation (MWSF), I have always seen an appetite to play football from Muslim girls …

Muslim Marriage Crisis

‘The British Muslim Marriage Crisis’

According to The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), Muslims form 4.8% of the population in England and Wales. The Muslim population is larger than all other non-Christian faith groups put together. It’s worth mentioning that 47% of British Muslims are UK-born. Ethnic Diversity The Muslim community is ethnically diverse with significant numbers of Muslims from …

Muslim Heritage Trail & British Descendant of the Prophet - About Islam

Muslim Heritage Trail & British Descendant of the Prophet

The launch of Britain’s first self-guided Muslim heritage trail on July 25th, 2019 took place at Woking Mosque, followed by a tour of the nearby Brookwood cemetery, which is home to the first Muslim burials dating back to the 19th century. The initiative was developed and promoted by Sadiya Ahmed, the founder of the Everyday …


UK Minister Praises Ilford Muslim Community as Part of 'Coalition of Positive Voices'

The British government minister for countering extremism has praised the Muslim community in Ilford for their activities towards “building a stronger Britain,” Ilford Recorder reported. “The program of our ministry is a powerful coalition of positive voices in society who are standing up to the hatred and extremism which, sadly, is present in Britain,” said …

British Muslims

Muslim Journalist Explores Online World of British Muslims

From dating to gaming and creating their own online spaces, Muslim youth and the internet are usually paired together in an interesting and innovative way that has been explored by journalist Hussein Kesvani in his new book, Al-Araby reported. Kesvani explores in his first book, Follow Me, Akhi: The Online World of British Muslims, how …

Excited British Muslims Welcome Ramadan - About Islam

Excited British Muslims Welcome Ramadan

As British Muslims begin fasting on Monday, following Saudi Arabia, or on Tuesday, following the lunar cycle, there is a wonderful spirit of kindness, compassion, love, peace, harmony, and good advice. The vast majority of British Muslims will adopt the literalist interpretation of fasting, from sunrise to sunset, while a minority will adopt reduced hour …

How 'Peaceful' Ipswich Supports Its Growing Muslim Community - About Islam

How 'Peaceful' Ipswich Supports Its Growing Muslim Community

The Muslim community of Ipswich has grown significantly over recent years, encouraged by the town’s “peaceful, friendly” atmosphere “The Quakers, who have a church up the road, came with banners saying ‘what hurts one, hurts us all’ in a statement of solidarity” Following the Christchurch massacre last month, Ipswich Quakers and other members of the …

Meet Muneera Rashid - The Vibrant British Muslim Artist

Meet Muneera Rashid - The Vibrant British Muslim Artist

“If We Aren’t Allowed to Take Up Space, We’ll Create Space Ourselves.”Muneera Rashid Muneera Rashid, one half of the hip-hop duo ‘Poetic Pilgrimage’, is a Jamaican-British slam poet, public speaker and actress. As one of the speakers during the Belgian arts centreDe Roma‘s ‘female focus’, the vibrant artist gave her perspective on what feminism, decolonization, …

Yashmin Harun

AboutIslam Talks to Yashmin Harun, Founder of Muslimah Sports Association

Recognizing her role as she tries to make the future easier for young women to enjoy sports and to remove barriers, Harun , the founder of Muslimah Sports Association, Fencing, and Football, was shortlisted for the British Muslim Award ‘Rising Star in Sports’. On the sidelines of the 7th British Muslim Awards, which took place …

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