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AboutIslam Interviews Na’ima Robert on UK’s Black Muslim Festival

Layla Abdullah-Poulos talks with author and public speaker Na’ima Robert about the Black Muslim Renaissance Festival.

The digital family festival offers digital spaces where people can share and explore their unique cultural and social experiences at the intersections of faith and race.

Robert describes the event and the need for it and more opportunities for discussions about being Black and Muslim. 

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The online Black Muslim Festival will run from 2-25 October, hosting a galaxy of Black Muslim speakers.

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Black Muslim Festival

Speakers include Boonaa Mohammed, Sheikh Abdullah Hakeem Quick, Maryam Lemu & Sa’id Takuma, Imam Shadeed Muhammad, Alhan Islam, and LaYinka Sanni.

The event runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday each week in October. It will have a mix of panel discussions, seminars, workshops, interactive Q&A sessions, screenings, poetry recital, and more.