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Canadian Muslims Celebrate Black Heritage This Month

Coming in the wake of massive Black Lives Matter protests in the US, which echoed worldwide, Canadian Muslims will be celebrating the impact of Black Muslims in North America as part of events marking the Islamic Heritage Month.

This year’s Islamic History Month provides an opportunity for Canadian Muslims to engage in conversations about anti-Black racism in the community and society. 

One of these events runs under the title “From Resistance to Revolution: The Impacts of Black Muslims in North America.”

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It aims to explore the various spheres by which Black Muslims who made impacts in North America.

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Organized by Islamic History Month Kingston, it will be held online October 6, at 1:30 AM UTC+02.

Speakers include Dr. Moustafa Bayoumi who will address “The History and Remarkable Stories of Muslims from West Africa who were Enslaved in the New World, and how they fought for their Rights, Dignity, and Faith”.

Also Dr. Fatimah Jackson-Best will speak upon “Black Muslims in Canada: Gaps and Opportunities in Existing Research”.

Imam Yasin Dwyer will introduce the topic of “Muslim Jazz: Islam and the Genesis of Black Culture,” while Imam AbdurRashid Taylor will delve into “Historical Memory and Influences of Islam on Black communities”.

Canadian Muslims Celebrate Black Heritage This Month - About Islam

Other Events

Other events will also celebrate the Black Muslim heritage in Canada this October.

The Muslim Association of Canada will present the untold story of Black Muslims in Canada on Tuesday, Oct 13th.

The event supports Black Canadian Muslims at a time of increasing anti-black racism issues.

Speakers include Hassam Munir, Imam Yasin Dwyer, Nimao Ali, and Saada Hussen. They will discuss the stories of early black Muslims and their important contributions to Canadian society.

They will also explore lessons we can take moving forward in building vibrant and resilient communities.

According to official records, Muslims have been calling Canada home for 170 years now.

The month of October was declared as Canadian Islamic History Month back in 2007. It comes as a recognition of the significant contributions the Muslim community has made to Canadian society.

Canadian Muslims are very diverse in terms of intersectionality. From race to languages spoken, the variations are endless. Canadian Muslims contribute to a variety of fields including Arts, Medicine, Politics and the Not for Profit sector.