Why Can’t Women Pray During Menses?

19 June, 2017
Q Why Can’t Women Pray During Menses?


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The issue is that it’s about just, you know, ritual purity for, you know, for ritual prayer. Women can make supplication whatever their state and so can men, right? You can always make supplication. Christians only make supplication, right?

Christianity doesn’t have a ritualized prayer apart from that the once a week mass services. Whereas for Muslims, we have five times a day.

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During the time when women experience a period they are exempted from doing the ritualized prayers as a mercy.

Because they might be feeling weak. They might be feeling a whole number of things. Whatever the case might be, they’re exempted from it. But at all times, they can always make supplication to God. There is no restriction.

It’s not like that the channels are shut off between you and God while you are on your period. None of that. So, it’s only for the ritualistic prayers, the five times, the ritualistic prayers, they’re exempt from doing that while they’re on their period.


Also, if a man is like he’s cut and bleeding, he can’t pray while he’s bleeding as well. So, it’s not the issue of women become intrinsically dirty. No, it’s that blood itself negates what we call ritualistic purity, wudu. and so that has to be, you know, stopped before that person can pray.

So, it’s not about just women. Man’s blood invalidates a man’s ritual ritualistic purity – so it’s not about men and women. It’s just about the state of someone to do ritualized prayer.

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