Isn't the Face Veil Insensitive?
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Isn’t The Face Veil Insensitive?



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Dec 07, 2016


If I go into some department stores, I find I am being served by women wearing the hijab, which is not a problem. But often their fellow assistants are not only wearing a complete black outfit, but a veil that shows only a pair of glasses. I, in my own country, find it uncomfortable to talk easily to someone who has most of her face covered. Older people often have hearing problems and need to lip read to assist their understanding. This is not possible with such assistants. It has always been considered bad manners to cover one’s mouth when speaking. Does no one consider the sensitivities of the people of the UK? I am always reminded that I should dress appropriately if I visit a Muslim country to cover up for fear of offending people, even though I am there on a short holiday. In banks, they insist they keep their veils on, yet it is against policy in the UK to cover one’s face in a bank, but special treatment is “expected".



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