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men are superior to women?

Does The Quran Say Men Are Superior to Women?

Short Answer:The answer one hundred percent is NO! Allah Almighty explains clearly, in the Quran, that both men and women are equal before Him as worshippers, and their rewards are according to their tests and deeds. …………. Peace be upon you, Dear Reader Thank you so much for sending your question. This is excellent. The …

Husbands last name

Just Married: Can I Use My Husband's Last Name?

Short Answer: There is a difference of opinion. During the Prophet’s lifetime, people had a first name + ibn/bint (son/daughter of) + their father’s first name. There were no surnames, or clan names, used. While it was not the custom during the Prophet’s lifetime, there are credible Muslim scholars who argue that “in cases where …

These Seven Hadiths Show How Islam Views Women

These 7 Hadiths Show How Islam Views Women

The legacy of the period of ignorance regarding women before Islam was dire. Women back then were treated as objects rather than human beings. In some cultures, they were buried alive, inherited when a husband dies, or worse, practiced self-immolation to join a deceased husband in the next life. Islam radically changed this miserable situation …

An Old Woman Advises Umar and Makes Him Cry (Story)

Old Woman Advises Umar and Makes Him Cry (Story)

“Iwas therewhen you used to be called little Umar; days passed by and you werecalled Umar; and days passed by and you are now called the leader of the faithful. So, fear Allahwhendealing with your subjects and remember that whoever fears death will avoid sins.” Howdid Umar react to these powerful words coming from an …

women houses

Muslim Women: "Stay In Your Houses"?

Short answer: Of course not. The wives of the Prophet, who were directly referenced (“Oh wives of the Prophet…”) did not take these verses literally and lived their normal lives, inside and outside the house. “On the contrary, like Muslim men, Muslim women can go out, learn, and work, provided that they observe decency and …

brothers sisters

Quranic Promises of Reward for "Brothers", Also For Sisters?

Short Answer: Yes.Aside from a new notable exceptions, “any verse of Qur’an orhadiththat textually mentions the wordsikhwanorikhwahmeans the Muslim “brotherhood”, and includes both male and female Muslims.” That particular verse is referencing the sense of community and kind compassion people will feel for one another in Paradise after Allah has removed all hatred and rancor …

female scholars

If Islam Empowers Women, Where Are The Female Leaders?

Short Answer:When we look at classical Islamic knowledge..we see women who were pillars of every part of society. …………. Asalamu Alaikum, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. Maryam Amir, from Let the Quran Speak, addresses this question in the video below: Transcript: Aisha Khaja: How does Islam deal with female scholarship specifically …

men better

Are Men Better Than Women in Islam?

Short Answer: Allah says in the Quran that the most honorable people are those who are most righteous, regardless of any qualifiers such as race, gender, ability, etc. __________________________________________ Salam and thank you for your question. It is a dangerous misconception that women are inferior to men in Islam, as this goes directly against what …

hadith context

Considering Context: Problematic Hadiths About Women

Asalamu Alaikum Rawa, I would like to thank you for such an important question. It is much needed nowadays, as Islam is facing a fierce campaign aimed at smearing it and damaging its image. One of the main targets of this campaign is the sunnah (traditions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). And since …

infertile women

Does Islam Discourage Marrying Infertile Women?

Short Answer: Scholars are of the opinion that choosing a fertile woman is preferable, not obligatory. So any man who wishes to marry an infertile woman may do so. This also applies to men, i.e. a Muslim woman is not encouraged to marry an infertile man. ______________________________________ Asalaamu alaykum, and thank you for sending in …

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