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Is Decent Western Clothing Wrong for a Muslim Woman?



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Jun 15, 2019


Asslam-o-Alaikum! I have a question about clothing. I normally wear pants and shirts which are not included in the traditional clothes (shalwar kameez) in my country so people often tell me not to wear pants etc. I did only a little bit research and there is this one Hadith which says that the women who seem naked even if they are clothed will not enter paradise and wont even smell its fragrance. My question is that is pants and shirts (western clothing) wrong? And one more question of mine is that a person says prayers, she fasts, she has good manners and akhlaq, like she follows almost every saying of Allah (Haquq-ul-Ibad and Haquq-ul-Allah) and all that. Will she still not enter paradise? If she wont then doesn't clothing become equal to murder as it will nullify every good deed? I know Islam is right. I am just too confused. I hope you clear my confusion. Salam.



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