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For Successful Ramadan... Read Ramadan Success Stories

For Successful Ramadan... Read Ramadan Success Stories

To be successful this Ramadan, you need to benefit from Ramadan success stories. One of the best motivators to achieve Ramadan success is to learn from the successful. We need to study the example set by those who performed well during Ramadan. Who is best than Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) to learn from? …

Tips for Success in Ramadan... Do the Worships You Love

Tips for Success in Ramadan... Do the Worships You Love

How to achieve success in Ramadan? When people go to a sheikh or an imam to help them make a Ramadan plan, they usually want a list of to-dos. They want the imam to dictate to them what they should do in detail. But Imam Yaser Birjas has a different idea. In this video, he …

6 Spiritual Quotes

6 Spiritual Quotes for Your Life and Soul

Ramadan is around; it is time for a spiritual recharge. So, we collected for you these spiritual quotes; they are inspiring and beautiful. Spiritual Quotes Imam Zaid Shakir and Sheikh Waleed Basyouni touch on the value of gratefulness to Allah. Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim reminds us to check in on our beloved ones. Mufti Menk gives a prescription …

Your Concentration in Prayer Will Improve After This 60-Second Video

One Tip Will Improve Your Concentration in Prayer

Are you unhappy with your level of concentration in prayer? Do you get distracted easily? Do you need a push to be more focused? Got 60 seconds? Do something today your future self will thank you for. Listen to this quick down to earth video by  Brother Saad Tasleem. More about concentration in Prayer: …

For a Success Ramadan.. Don't Listen to Slackers!

Make Ramadan a Success.... Don't Listen to Slackers!

How to achieve a successful Ramadan? In a previous message, the need to have goals and to set them very high was emphasized. Now, when you set those goals, you may face people who will try to discourage you. Never listen to them! Focus on your plan and the achievement of your targets. Join Sheikh …

Set Ramadan Goals High

Want a Successful Ramadan? Set Your Goals High

To succeed this Ramadan, you need not only to set Ramadan goals, but also to set them high. Starting from reading the holy Quran as many times as you could, to praying Taraweeh every night; good deeds are so many.  Aim at the highest targets possible. Allah commands us to rush and to vie with one …

Want to Have a Successful Ramadan? Here is Step #1

Want to Have a Successful Ramadan? Here is Step #1

Few weeks separate us from the blessed and beloved month. Do you want to achieve a really successful Ramadan? The first step is to have a burning desire and great passion for success. That is the starting point. Cherish the intention to make the upcoming Ramadan the best in your life. Start developing this motive …


8 Tips to Make Your Child Happy (Watch)

When it comes to children, parents nowadays think of good education, health, success, skills…etc. But What about happiness? Did you ask yourself before if you’ve been raising your child to be happy? Here, we give you some tips on how to raise a happy child.   1- Get Happy Yourself Happy parents are more likely …

Too Concerned About People's View of Me.. Any Solution?

Too Concerned About People's View of Me.. Any Solution?

I am always concerned about how people see me, how can I change that? In the world we’re living in today, we can find a lot of people who always depend on what the people around them think. Their main focus is how the public sees them. Their main focus is how the people around …

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