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8 Steps to Get Ready for Ramadan

Prepare Your Heart, Mind, and Soul

Have you ever wondered why it is difficult to concentrate during your prayer? Or why your faith throughout the year is not on a high like it is during Ramadan or Hajj?

Maybe it is because we usually jump straight from a phone conversation into Takbir or because we just go with the flow in Ramadan and are influenced by the environment around us and not our own ‘real’ feelings.

A lot of us usually live life and have our faith dependent on an upcoming major event, i.e., “I’m going to start reading a page of the  Qur’an a day as soon as Ramadan starts; I’m going to start praying Qiyam every night when I come back from Hajj; or, I’m going to stop smoking when my child is born.”

And because of this way of thinking, we usually end up with an anticlimax: we don’t end up giving up smoking, we don’t end up praying Qiyam, and we don’t start reading the Qur’an, but we get back to our normal selves after a few days or weeks.

This is because these ‘statements’ or ‘feelings’ are based on impulse and not a real, thought-out plan.

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8 Steps to Get Ready for Ramadan - About Islam

We usually don’t prepare for Ramadan or Hajj or have a plan for our faith to increase; we just go with the flow and expect it all to happen. Well, it doesn’t!

Wouldn’t you love to enter the month of Ramadan on a real high and have the effects of this beautiful month have a permanent impact on your life thereafter? How can this be done?

Below are the 8 steps for a legacy of a Ramadan.

Step 1 – Create a Ramadan Countdown

Counting down for Ramadan (whether it is done mentally or by keeping physical signs around the home or office) will help create hype and buzz in your mind and amongst the people around you.

When you and others are counting down to the same event, it becomes part of regular conversation, and excitement spreads.

Step 2 – Seek Knowledge About Ramadan

This will help you ensure you will do things correctly and perfectly for Ramadan; it will create hype as there are many motivational aspects and events in the month to look forward to; and finally, it is a reward reaper.

The more you know about Ramadan, the more you can apply, thereby multiplying your rewards.

Step 3 – Make a Ramadan Plan

Be it reading the entire Qur’an or ensuring you pray Taraweeh every night; make a list of things you would like to achieve in the month and then how you plan on achieving these goals.

It is important to have realistic goals, and it is better that your life doesn’t need to entirely take a different road in this month so that you may continue to do these deeds after Ramadan.

Knowing what you want to achieve in the month will help you stay focused.

Ensure you plan your day every night before you go to sleep when Ramadan starts (try to continue this even after Ramadan).

Step 4 – Know Your Life

Be aware if Ramadan affects anything that is happening in the month or shortly after. Do you have exams during Ramadan?

Or is there a major family wedding after Ramadan by a short time? Moving house? If so, plan for these events from now on.

Study now so that you are prepared for the exams before the month starts. Be packed and ready to go before Ramadan or plan to do it after so that it doesn’t take time away from your worship.

Step 5 – Prepare Spiritually

We all know that Ramadan is about fasting, praying, reading the Qur’an, and giving to charity.

Start these worships early; don’t expect to just click into it as soon as the first day of Ramadan starts.

Start doing extra prayers from now, start revising and regularly reading the Qur’an now.

8 Steps to Get Ready for Ramadan - About Islam

Get used to being generous, follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), and fast during Sha`ban.

Step 6 – Prepare Your mind

Fasting is to refrain from more than just what we consume with our mouths.

Start working on your patience. Be extra vigilant with your conversations and ensure you are not backbiting, slandering, or talking about useless things.

Step 7 – Say ‘Good Riddance’ to Bad Habits

Know what bad habits you have and stop them now; don’t wait until Ramadan begins.

If you sleep late, start sleeping early; if you are a Facebook junky, start cutting down; if you have a coffee craze, slow it down; etc.

It might sound much easier said than done, but once you’ve committed yourself and purified your intentions—making sincere d`ua for guidance—insha Allah, these bad habits will be easier to break than you ever expected.

Step 8 – Plan Your Life Around Your Worship

For instance, instead of working through your prayer or setting up meetings, etc. at prayer times, plan to have a break at prayer times.

Don’t take your phone with you to the place you pray, and forget the world as you stand between the hands of the almighty Allah (glorified and exalted be He).


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