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Can I Make Dua Against Someone

Can I Make Dua Against Someone?

Short Answer: The supplication of the one who has been wronged is indeed very powerful. So, you may ask for a just retribution. But, if you choose the path of forgiveness, then from Allah there will be an unlimited reward. …………. Assalamu Alaykum Dear Reader, Thank you for sending your question and for your desire to gain …


Can Supplication (Dua) Change Destiny?

Short Answer: Those things in this worldly life that Allah made impermissible (haram) for Muslims because of their harmful aspects, will be permissible for believers in Jannah, because their harmful aspects will be removed by Allah. So I am very hopeful that, if a believer will desire to have a dog as a pet in Jannah, Allah will let …

Why Should I Make Duaa If God Has Already Decreed Everything?

Why Should I Make Duaa If God Has Already Decreed Everything?

I never make duaa though I am Muslim and definitely believe in God. What is the point in making duaa If God has already decreed everything?

Our destiny is already determined, why then should we make supplications?

Watch bother Fadel Soliman’ answer to this question.

Get An Answer For Your Question From God

How Do You Get An Answer For Your Question From God?

Short Answer:  You asked Allah for something. But the question is: Do you know for sure that this thing will be good for you in the future? The Prophet taught us the consultation prayer (salatul istikhara) to help us answer this question. And remember that when you consult Allah, then this means you trust Him and you …

Instead of Soft Music Airlines to Welcome Passengers with Burda Sharif

Instead of Soft Music, Airlines to Welcome Passengers with Burda Sharif

LAHORE – The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has decided to welcome passengers with the famous Burda Sharif, an ode to the praise of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), instead of soft music, Dawn reported. The decision was announced Wednesday, January 16, by the PIA Chairman Air Marshal Arshad Malik. The hymn will also be …


How Is Communicating with God Viewed in Islam?

Short Answer: In Islam, no one is authorized to mediate between God and His servants. It is enough for any wrong doer to stand alone asking Allah’s forgiveness and be sure Allah will respond. …………. Salam Dear Jaap, Thank you for this question which reveals a great deal of thoughtfulness. In fact God has always made …

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Why Pray or Make Du'aa' If It's Not Answered?

Short Answer: Your prayers are being answered, just maybe not in the way you ask, or when you want them to be. “If it is not answered in this world, it will be counted as rewards for you in the Hereafter when you will be in need of every single reward you can get, as we all will.” Allah …

duaa menstruation

New Muslim Sister: Can I Make Du'aa' During Menstruation?

Short Answer: “Yes, definitely you can make du’aa’ (supplication) to Allah anytime you want!… Regarding your other question, do you have to do wudu and wear your prayer garment? No, not necessarily. We call upon Allah whenever and wherever. So it is not limited to when we have ablution and dressed in certain garments.” Salam Dear Sister, Thank you so …

Exams Time... Study or Make Duaa? This Funny Video Has the Answer

Exams Time... Study or Make Duaa? This Funny Video Has the Answer

If you are a student, you may experience some stress when you prepare for your exams. We ask Allah to help you and bless you with A marks in all classes. We guess that you are making the same du`aa’ day and night. That’s nice, in fact, but is it enough? Are you one of those …

Don't Feel The Same About Islam

Don't Feel The Same About Islam Anymore?

Short Answer: It seems to me, and Allah knows best, that perhaps you are suffering from a temporary weakness of faith, because of which you have stopped feeling the inclination to ask Allah for worldly blessings in your supplications (dua’s). Allah’s knowledge, vision, and wisdom is infinite. Ours is very limited. Many a time, with the passage …

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