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Exams Time… Study or Make Duaa? This Funny Video Has the Answer

If you are a student, you may experience some stress during exams. We ask Allah to help you and bless you with A marks in all classes. We guess that you are making the same du`aa’ day and night.

That’s nice, in fact, but is it enough? Are you one of those students who spend more hours sleeping these days in conviction that Allah is going to help them in the proper time: “I made du`aa’ and I do trust Allah”.

Well, watch this short, FUNNY video to learn if this logic is correct. The video will remove some of your stress too 🙂


In this Video:

– Is Allah obliged to help us?

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– Du`aa’ ONLY is enough?

– How things work in the Dunya.

– Du`aa’ not accepted? Well, no more prayers!

– Between Dunya’s exam and the Hereafter’s.

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