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British Muslim Group Plans “Ask a Muslim” Day

People living in Billingham will have a chance to get a better understanding of Islam next July 13, when the Muslim leaders in the city open the doors of their mosque to answer questions on Islam, terrorism, women’s rights and Qur’an.

Victoria Muslims Open Doors, Hearts to Public

Fifteen mosques across Victoria have welcomed hundreds of locals through their doors to celebrate the very first Victorian Mosque Open Day, offering many families a chance to visit a mosque for the first time.

Muslim Scouts Plan Annual Open Mosque Day

A group of Muslim girl scouts in Orange County at Anaheim, California, are organizing their 2nd annual event later this month to help counter negative perceptions of Islam.

Massachusetts Mosques Host “Ask A Muslim” Event

Offering Massachusetts people a chance to get more information about Islam, ask questions, and witness Muslim prayers, the Islamic Society of North Shore joined 17 other mosques across the state in opening their doors to the public on Sunday, April 2.

Missouri Muslims Invite Trump Supporters to Mosque

A leading American Islamic group and a Missouri Islamic center joined their hands to prepare a mosque open day for Trump supporters and Republicans in General, an event aimed at building bridges of understanding in a polarized country.

700+ Members of Local Churches Tour NC Mosque

In a bid to examine true Islam and Muslims, members of local church in Raleigh, North Carolina, joined hundreds of local in a visit to the local Islamic association, witnessing Muslim prayer and getting answers for their questions surrounding the faith.

Republicans Visit Georgia Mosques to Learn about Islam

Amid rising political tension, stirred by President Trump’s revised ban on people from six Muslim countries, Georgia mosques opened their doors to their neighbors, answering questions and correcting misconceptions about Islam.

Lauren Booth on Visit My Mosque Experience

Didsbury Mosque, Manchester, was one of the faith venues in the North West of England to open its doors to the wider community at the weekend for the annual Visit My Mosque day.

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