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Kentucky Mosque Opens Doors to Educate Neighbors on Islam

A local mosque in Louisville, Kentucky is set to open its doors on Saturday, September 17, to welcome neighbors of all backgrounds to answer their questions and correct misconception about Islam.

The open house, hosted by the Guiding Light Islamic Center and GainPeace, will run from 11:00 am until 2 pm at the GLIC Mosque.

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“Muslims are opening the doors of our mosques to our neighbors to provide them with an opportunity to get to know the Muslim community,” said GainPeace Director Dr. Sabeel Ahmed in a release, Leo Weekly reported.

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“The current political climate has created an environment of mistrust, and also a curiosity in public to learn more about Islam, and these Mosque Open Houses will educate them and take any questions on Islam.”

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As an educational event, the gathering aims to repair the damage of Islamophobia in America.

Dr. Ahmed also said, “The open house will also create opportunities to form alliances between the Muslim-Americans and their neighbors to better the community.”

Serving lunch to the guests at the event, visitors will also enjoy a social hour which includes a Henna design for ladies, face painting for kids, an Islamic Artifacts table, Ask Imam Booth, and try the Hijab booth.

Muslims across the world usually open doors of their mosques to guests to enable them to have a glimpse of their faith and proper understanding of its teachings.

For example, a number of countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom, Norway, and France, host Visit My Mosque Day annually.