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Leadership - Legacy of the Prophet Muhammad

Leadership - Legacy of the Prophet Muhammad

Republished with the author’s kind permission from Muslimmatters.org. Law of Timing: When to Lead is As Important As What to Do and Where to Go The Law of Timing states that understanding and practicing good timing is a critical component of great leadership. When the leader chooses to do the right thing at the right …

Muhammad- A 21st Century Prophet? (Special Folder)

Muhammad: A 21st Century Prophet? (Special Folder)

The message and teachings of the Prophet (peace be upon him) are for every time and place; they are for everyone to benefit and learn from. So how can the teachings of the 7th century fit in the modern world of the 21st century?

Prophet Muhammad - The Best Leader to Follow

Prophet Muhammad - The Best Leader to Follow

It was easy for the people to buy into the Prophet because he exemplified Noble Character and had an amazing combination of perfectly balanced qualities. Even when his enemies tried to defame him, they really couldn’t because anyone who met him…


Why Didn't Prophet Muhammad Designate His Successor?

Salam Dear Sara, For your question, let us first start with your statement that many of the sahabah (companions) did not attend the funeral of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). If what you meant was that some of them did not attend his actual burial, that fact is very true. In fact, the actual burial …

Teamwork in Islam: Living in a Muslim Team

The binding of team work in a Shura is essentially check and balance. Everyone plays a role for the betterment of society and leadership is essentially a responsibility, not a luxury, as seen in many countries today.

The Muslim Leader Who Protected Christians

That is Islam, that’s why I’m Muslim… it’s not for all this madness out there, it’s because of people like that. Because that’s the embodiment of the Prophet’s Sunnah. To follow sunnah is not about long beard and short robes, it’s that magnanimity of character, the ability to not want vengeance, not have that resentment because he saw God.

Muhammad: A Man Who Excelled in All Roles - 2

Prophet Muhammad excelled in the role of a teacher. He was chosen by God to be the teacher of Muslims and was given the responsibility of reciting and conveying the message to all of humankind. Being a teacher requires special skills. Prophet Muhammad was a teacher under…

Dad, Why is it Hard to Say I Love You?

The Prophet of Allah hears their little voices, he listens to their song. He comes up to them taking time out for them. “Do you love me?” He asks. “Yes, yes! We love and respect you O Messenger of God.”

A Code of Conduct for Establishing and Using Mosques

Prophet Muhammad - Man for All Seasons

Prophet Muhammad has been described as one of the most influential men in the history of human kind. Many experts in many different fields, including both Muslims and non-Muslims have described Prophet Muhammad as a man who excelled in many different facets of life.

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