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Back from ISIS: British Muslim's Thoughts on Shamima Begum

British Muslim Shamima Begum was born in East London to parents originating from Bangladesh. When her mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away, she was targeted online by ISIS recruiters, made that much easier with her frustrations of her father remarrying just months after her mother died. She gathered the money needed to leave …

Are Young Women at Risk for Radicalization?

Are Young Women at Risk for Radicalization?

ISIL, cults, gangs, religious extremists, white supremacist and other dangerous groups have similar things in common.  They seek to recruit, they target in a specific way, they are very convincing, and they serve a need or a longing in one who falls victim. Recruiters are very good at exploiting a person’s vulnerability and drawing them …

Radicalization of Muslim Youth : Who Is to Blame?

Radicalization of Muslim Youth - Who Is to Blame?

The radicalization of some Muslim youth, particularly with the rise of ISIL during the last five years and subsequent increasing ranks of young people joining it, should cause one to stop and ponder why. While many would be conditioned to feel that these are just examples of “bad youth”, or worse, “this is just another …

When Fanatics Murdered a Prophet’s Companion in the Name of Islam

When Fanatics Murdered a Prophet's Companion in Name of Islam

Ibn Kathir, the famous Muslim historian and student of Ibn Taymiyya, writes in his al-Bidayah wa-l-Nihayah (vol. 10, p. 584 – paraphrased) : And of the people whom the Kharijites killed was Abdullah b. Khabab, the Companion of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). They captured him, along with his pregnant wife, and …

Muslim Scholars Refute ISIL's Ideology (Folder)

Muslim Scholars Refute ISIL's Ideology (Folder)

From time to time, Muslims are appalled by gross crimes that are associated with Islam because the culprits are affiliated to ISIL. The name of ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant), as well as its repeated talk about defending Islam and establishing an Islamic state, is used by media outlets, Islamophobic and hatred mongers …

Imams and Scholars Condemn Palm Sunday Attacks

Imams and Scholars Condemn Palm Sunday Attacks

Muslim Imams, scholars and speakers condemned vehemently the recent attacks on two churches in Egypt which claimed scores of lives and injuries. The bombings that targeted Christian worshippers on Palm Sunday were described as terrible and terrorist crimes that are not condoned by Islam. Scholars cited Quranic verses and hadiths of the Prophet (peace …

What Does DAESH Mean?

Asalamu Alaikum, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. Dr. Shabir Ally addresses this question in the video below: Transcript: Aisha Khaja: Dr. Shabir, the question that we have is related to ISIS. Someone’s asking, how, what does DAESH mean because apparently that’s now a terminology that’s being used? Dr. Shabir Ally: Yeah, recently U.S. …

How ISIL Led Me to Study Islam and Realize Its Beauty

It has always been my dream to do a Master’s degree ever since I finished university. As with many fresh graduates, I felt the pressure to go and get a job and earn my keep in this world, so that is what I did. However, the burning desire to learn more was always there. As …

French Muslims Speak Out for True Islam

PARIS – Blending for decades in the secular country, French Muslims have stepped into the light to combat radicals’ false interpretations of Islam and connecting with the community to correct misconceptions.

Priest with Slit Throat Will Speak Against ISIS on Judgement Day

For What Crime Was Your Throat Slit?

In my last article I condemned the attacks which occurred just before `Eid. Since then several other horrific incidents revealed the depths to which terrorists are willing to sink. Each time I felt the weight of responsibility to write and publish my words of condemnation, but time did not allow me. May Allah forgive my silence. …

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