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Pain, Sadness and Depression...How to Cope

Pain, Sadness and Depression...How to Cope

Why is pain useful? Pain, physical or emotional, indicates that there is a problem. It indicates something needs to be treated. Using painkillers only and ignoring the root causes of our problems is not useful or smart; it can cause further damage. It’s human to feel sad; however, there’s a difference between depression, devastation, despair …

Heal Your Soul with Spiritual Posts

Heal Your Soul with Spiritual Posts

In three words, one can sum up everything about life. It goes on. Regardless of how we face challenges or overcome sadness it is important to remember that these setbacks, failures, and tragedy are a part of life. Whether we succeed to find bliss and triumph in the daily struggle of life is largely dependent …

Heal Your Soul with Imams' Posts

Heal Your Soul with Imams' Posts (Collection #10)

In our busy life, spirituality may be something we set on the back burner. We abandon it in favor of the more obviously pressing concerns of our daily life. What we forget is that spirituality IS a pressing concern. Without making time for refining our hearts we are doing ourselves a great disservice. When our …

Elevation by Tribulation: Uhud & Us

Can we benefit from hardships? How did the Qur’an handled the bitter experience that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and his Companions faced in the Battle of Uhud? Nouman Ali Khan discusses emotional stories and lessons from the Battle of Uhud.

How to Overcome Difficult Times (Part 1/2)

True believers are the most patient among all human beings, the most steadfast in hard times, and the most contented in calamities. This can be understood in light of the following: Life is short They realized the shortness of this present life compared with the eternity of the hereafter and, therefore, they did not wish …

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