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Muslim Students

How Muslim Students Are Rated at US Schools

A close friend and Educator, (who passed away recently) and I used to have lively discussions about how America’s public school instructors, especially of elementary age students, could properly meet the needs of a Muslim student. Although travel and education had afforded him exposure to Muslims in both religious and cultural settings, he often pointed …


Taking the Homeschool Leap

My head was throbbing whilst looking forward to another sleepless night when my toddler was recovering from a cold that she had passed on to her baby brother. Yet, I needed to submit an article to a magazine, and I was relentlessly trying to come up with an idea. One of my editors was on-line …

Islamic Studies' Popularity Jumps in US

Despite of increasing anti-Muslim sentiments in the United States, university professors specializing in Arabic, Islam and Middle Eastern studies said they’ve seen increasing numbers of college students taking their courses over the past year out of both curiosity and career preparation.

Muslim Student Wins Ms. Rutgers Pageant

A hijabi senior Muslim student at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey, has been crowned Ms. Rutgers in 2015, inspiring Muslim students who don the Islamic veil to prove themselves.

Canada Honors Young Muslim Girl

A young Muslim girl has received the new Respectful Citizenship Award from the governor of Wolfville in eastern Canadian maritime province of Nova Scotia in recognition of her efforts in building interfaith relations and collecting charity for those in need.

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