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Europe's Oldest Mosque May Be Buried Underground in Spain: Archaeologists

Spanish archaeologists have detected parts of a palace and a building that may be the oldest mosques in Europe, Live Science reported. They use a special geomagnetic instrument to reveal walls and other structures still buried underground. “Thanks to this new geomagnetic survey, we have learned that the space encircled by the city’s walls was …

Researchers Recreate Acoustic History of Cordoba Mosque

CORDOBA – Researchers from the Higher Technical School of Architecture at the University of Seville, Spain are recreating the acoustic history of Cordoba Mosque through virtual simulation to know the sounds that filled the air centuries ago, Eurekalert reported on November 5. “Faced with the visual homogeneity of the mosque’s interior, the results we obtained …

Plans Announced for Great Mosque in Barcelona

BARCELONA, Catalonia – European Muslim leaders gathered in Barcelona this Monday, October 8, to set up a new breakthrough project called “European Muslim Forum,” announcing the plans for the construction of a great mosque in the largest city of Catalonia. “It is for the first time in the history of Europe that Muslims of the …

Netflix Spanish Drama Explores Islamophobia in Europe

MADRID – Elite, a new Spanish drama which premiered on Netflix this week, explores prejudice and Islamophobia targeting Muslim students in high school. “We wanted to work with this character because it’s something that is happening in Europe. This is the reality that we see every day,” co-writer Dario Madrona told Arab News, speaking about …

Granada Mosque Hosts Public Ramadan Iftars

GRANADA – The Grand Mosque of Granada in Spain is hosting iftar dinners during Ramadan in which people are served with dates and Moroccan Harira soup. “We broke Sunday’s fast with milk and dates, while Harira soup was served after Taraweeh prayer,” the mosque’s Secretary-General, Zacarias Lopez Rejon, told Anadolu Agency on May 27. Rejon …

Spanish Muslims Share Iftar

Spanish Muslims share they have iftar meal with different groups in their neighbourhood in Barcelona to break down barriers.

After Mosque Attack, People Rally to Support Spanish Muslims

BASQUE – People in Hernani town and municipality located in the province of Gipuzkoa, Basque Country, rallied Sunday evening to support the Muslim religious minority following an attack that left a local mosque vandalized with hateful messages. “We do not accept such racist attitudes,” said Hernani Mayor Luis Intxauspe, reported “We want a municipality …

British Muslim: Barcelona's Spirit Will Not Run Dry

After terrorists mounted an attack in the Spanish cities of Barcelona and Cambrils, murdering 14, leaving 17 in critical condition, and injuring over a hundred more, the world once again comes together in condemnation.

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