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Imam Gets Luxurious Car for Efforts During Ramadan

Members of the Muslim community in the Spanish city of Lleida surprised their Imam with a luxurious Audi-6 car gift for his efforts during the month of Ramadan.

Osama Bounasab, Imam of the Al-Rahmah Mosque in Tarka, received the gift on `Eid day on Monday, Milli Chronicle reported.

“Today was a great joy, as the blessed Tarka mosque group surprised me with an expensive, elegant, and blessed gift: a high-class car, praise be to God,” said the Imam on his Facebook page.

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Members of the Maghreb community in Tarka said the initiative was for them to show gratitude for efforts exerted by the Imam, instead of granting him money and donations collected from people.

In reaction, the Imam said the surprise greatly warmed his heart.

“My joy was heightened by the love shown by these generous believers and they’re encircling me with their supplications…” he wrote.

“I pray for their health and well-being, and may God make their sons and daughters righteous.”

According to the Union of Islamic communities (UCIDE), Muslims make up 3.8 percent of the Spanish population, 40 percent are Spanish and the remaining 60 percent are immigrants.

Muslims in Spain are mostly from Morocco although there is a significant presence of Pakistanis and Senegalese Muslims in cities like Barcelona, Valencia, and Logrono.