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How Will Manners Improve Our Society? - About Islam

How Will Manners Improve Our Society?

LONDON – At a time of rising hate and racism, conversation, dialogue, and engagement remain a top priority that have always been encouraged by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who once said, he who has something to ask, should ask. It is only through the exchange of words that we can understand a person’s …


Mind Your Manners

Islam places great emphasis on manners and on the proper way to deal with others, regardless of age, sex, color, religion or creed. Relations between people are very important in Islam, and maintaining good dealings with others should be a main priority of all practicing Muslims of all ages. The importance of this is illustrated …

8 Manners to Read the Quran Properly - About Islam

8 Manners to Read the Quran Properly

A person should recite the Quran while thinking about and pondering over its meaning, with due respect and presence of mind, in order to understand its meaning and purport.

How Prophet Muhammad Handled Criticism

How Prophet Muhammad Handled Criticism

Criticism can be tough to deal with for even the most humble of people, particularly if it is unfair or lacking in tact. Like a knife, it often causes deep, festering wounds and divides the closest of friends.


35 Acts of Kindness in 5 Minutes or Less

Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Every act of kindness is a Sadaqa (charity)” (Bukhari, Muslim) Very often though, we feel we don’t have the time for kind gestures, despite our best intentions. These 35 ideas are just some quick things we can do to practice this essential part of our faith. …

Following the Prophet: Our Deen is Full of Love - About Islam

Following the Prophet: Our Deen is Full of Love

The life and words of Prophet Muhammad complete our understanding of Allah’s revelation because they show us that a deep love for Allah and love and care for one another is at the very heart of Islam.

Let Your Past Make You Better - Not Bitter

Let Your Past Make You Better - Not Bitter

Holding onto bitterness brews anger and frustration… When we love one another like Allah loves us, despite hardships we encounter, we can find a way to release the bitterness and attain “betterness”.

Basic Social Manners - What Would Muhammad Do?

Basic Social Manners - What Would Muhammad Do?

It might be useful to imagine how Prophet Muhammad would react if he could read the words we use on social media. With the greatest of ease, Muslims defame and slander each other in public forums. And they do so without the slightest care and with little or no understanding of Islamic etiquette and the sinful nature of such behavior.

prophet Muhammads character

This Mawlid, Reflect on Prophet Muhammad's Character

Muslims in Britain ascribe to many diverse points of view, some will celebrate the Prophet’s birthday while others will not. Irrespective of any person’s disposition, my view is to mark this occasion with thoughts of an attribute which Prophet Muhammad identified in a truly profound way, manners.

Manners Prophet

The Manners of Prophet Muhammad – A Brief Account

AsalamAlaikum Muhammad, Thank you for trusting About Islam with your very important question. Allah Almighty sent His Prophet (PBUH) to mankind and taught him to be the best in ethics and manners so that we would find the most complete and best example in him. Here are a few of what I conclude to bethe …

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