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My First Time in London and Getting Lost Already

My First Time in London and Getting Lost Already

It’s around 4:00am the morning of my third day in London. Having a few minutes before getting ready for this day’s program, I thought to share with you some memories of my first visit to such a big historical European city. I came all the way from the hot-weathered eastern African city, Cairo, to the …

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage Quits Ukip Over Anti-Muslim Policies

LONDON – The British politician, Nigel Farage, has quit the right wing UK Independence Party (Ukip) after 25 years, saying the party he led to its greatest election successes was “now unrecognizable because of the fixation with the anti-Muslim policies of its leader, Gerard Batten”, The Guardian reported. “My heart sinks as I reflect on …

Hundreds Support Saskatoon Muslim After Attack

SASKATOON – Showing Muslims the other face of Saskatoon, more than 200 people attended the open house hosted by the Canadian Muslim man who was attached a month ago while walking home from the mosque. “Compassion needs action. So people felt really negative and disheartened by what happened and we really wanted to have a …

Imam Siraj Wahhaj Comments on New Mexico Compound Incident

Imam Siraj Wahhaj Comments on New Mexico Compound Incident

For the last few days, a tragic incident involving family members of prominent Imam Siraj Wahhaj  has been circulating. The Imam’s son, also named Siraj, was arrested on child abuse charges at a New Mexico compound. The story, involving his children and grandchildren attracted nationwide attention placing Imam Wahhaj in the media’s spotlight. Imam Siraj Wahhaj explains …

Muslim Students Fight Islamophobia in North America

Muslim Students Fight Islamophobia in North America

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) in North America has launched an initiative to fight rising sentiments against Muslim communities in the United States and Canada. The “United Against Islamophobia” campaign aims “to help build bridges of understanding between Muslim students and their diverse allies across college & university campuses throughout North America”, MSA said in …

Quran and Islamophobia

Many Muslims around the world suffer the consequences of Islamophobia. It is highly important in such times to take lessons from prophetic traditions and practices of the early Muslim generation; particularly, during the Meccan period, when Muslims lived in a similar atmosphere. In this inspiring lecture, Sheikh Omar Suleiman explains how the Companions of the …

Mehdi Hasan

Mehdi Hasan's Epic Response to Islamophobic Question

In view of the fact that in Australia , Muslim couples have a much higher birth rate than the rest of us, is it not possible that in a couple of generations, Australia could have a Muslim majority, who vote in Shari’ah law? Further, if so, is it not possible that sects could develop – …

Uber Driver Saves Muslim Woman

An American Uber driver has saved a Muslim woman who was being attacked by a group of racist men, driving the young woman, who was putting a hijab, safely to her home.

'How Trump’s Hate Campaign Affected My Life'

I never imagined that a presidential campaign could change my life so suddenly and drastically. For most of my life, a presidential election meant old, white men running from city to city, politely yelling at each other about things they didn’t actually care about, and promising to do things they had NO intention of doing. …

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