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Muslim Students Fight Islamophobia in North America

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) in North America has launched an initiative to fight rising sentiments against Muslim communities in the United States and Canada.

The “United Against Islamophobia” campaign aims “to help build bridges of understanding between Muslim students and their diverse allies across college & university campuses throughout North America”, MSA said in a statement.

“We believe that standing up as inter-sectional allies for millions of young Muslim college and university students can help to address growing xenophobia and bigotry which is affecting millions of women, Latinos, African-American, LGBT and Jewish students around the world as well,” it said.

MSA National is a non-profit organization that strives to facilitate networking, educating, and empowering the students of today to be citizens   of tomorrow’s community, according to the group’s website.

To achieve its objectives, MSA National organizes dozens of events and programs annually as well as developing tools and resources to facilitate information sharing and unite students across North America.

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