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The Unique Gift of Life

Is your life going to center around you or will you reach wider spheres of involvement and concern? Wasting life partially or totally, i.e. in one lump or in installments, all can be considered a crime close to murder or suicide, even if the gradual waste does not seem that dramatic.


Save Aleppo: A Call for Humanity

A woman’s face and clothes are a deathly white from the dust of a building wrecked by an air strike, save for the stream of blood flowing from her head wound. A father’s loving arms hold a young child tightly as yet another family is shaken to its core by the trauma of Syria’s …

George Clooney

George Clooney Meets Syrian Refugees

George Clooney told Syrian families in Berlin that his Irish ancestors were once refugees and spoke how they were badly treated when they first arrived in America.

Turkish town

Turkish Town Hosts Syrians, Gets Nobel Peace Nomination

Fleeing the horrors of war and the smell of death, Kilis is the first town where Syrian refugees feel safe and thank God for crossing the borders into Turkey. Kilis , which is a little town on the Syrian-Turkish borders is now home to about 100,000 Syrians who decided to stay there, at the nearest …

Didymos & Didymoon

Seeking to Crash Into Asteroid

Astronomers and other scientists in the United States and Europe are working on ways to make Earth avoid asteroids that may lie on collision course with it.


Living With Disability in a Disabled Country

Palestinians have been under occupation for more than 65 years. This prevents them from being able to interact with other countries, making them unaware of the opportunities and facilities available to people with special needs elsewhere.

Doing Good, What Do We Get in Return? (Watch)

When we give, help and do good, what do we get in return? Is it fame? Is it appreciation? Is it reward? Or maybe something bigger? Watch this video and share your thoughts with us.

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