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lying haraam

Why Trust Muslims? Can't They Lie To Non-Muslims?

Short Answer: Let me start by saying that lying is considered a sin in Islam, and it does not matter to whom the Muslim is lying. Lying to a non-Muslim is exactly as sinful as lying to a Muslim. When a Muslim tells you that “Islam is peace” that is because the word “Islam” in the Arabic …

Speak Good or Stay Silent... The Art of Conversation

Speak Good or Stay Silent... The Art of Conversation

“Whoever believes in God and the Last Day should speak a good word or remain silent.” (Bukhari) This hadith has triggered much thought with regards to manners in general and manners during conversation in particular. As youngsters we were familiar with the famous quote “If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at …

Muslim work ethics

Working in Muslim Country: Colleagues Have No Work Ethic

Short answer: Of course Islam teaches us to be ethical in all areas of life, and this includes our work. We are to be honest, have integrity, be on-time, keep our promises, refrain from cheating and bribing, and be overall righteous in our dealings with colleagues and others. Remember: not all people who claim to be …

Nigerian Pilgrim Hailed for Returning N400,000 to Owner

JEDDAH – A Nigerian pilgrim has been praised as a role model for honesty after he returned the amount equivalent to N400,000 (about $1100) to Saudi owner; he found the sum in a toilet in Makkah. The pilgrim, Musa Edostu, is from Niger State, Naija.com reported. Nigerian newspaper, The Punch, reported that Edostu returned the …

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