The Heartwarming Moment a Muslim Returned Lost Wallet

LONDON – The uplifting moment a kind stranger returned a man’s wallet has captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of Facebook users, with many seeing it a true reflection of Islamic manners.

Peshraw Ahmed, who works for Bare Grillz Fast Food in Stoke-on-Trent, knocked the doors of the owner of the wallet he found lying on the road.

He told the owner that he was compelled to return it because he is a Muslim and, according to Islam’s teachings, any money must be returned to its rightful owner.

“I am a Muslim guy so you are lucky I got your wallet,” said Ahmed.

“You are such a good person,” said Gavin Meldrum, the owner of the wallet, which contained over £200 in cash. He explained that he and his family really needed the money.

“I don’t believe this is happening. You are such a kind person. There’s nobody else like you in the world,” said Meldrum.

“I’m so glad I made you happy,” Ahmed said. “Happy? You just saved my life,” Meldrum added.

With many people praising Ahmed as a good Samaritan, some comments on Facebook questioned Ahmed’s motives for filming the encounter.

Others commented to confirm that the exchange was genuine: “This man [Meldrum] came into my work yesterday when he lost [his wallet], he was quite upset and didn’t think he’d get it back, so glad it was found,” wrote one Facebook commenter.

An employee at Bare Grillz, where Ahmed works as a delivery driver, told Mashable he filmed the episode “to show the better side of Muslims”.

Last year, a Muslim taxi driver set an excellent example of honesty after returning a bag a passenger left on the back seat of his car containing £10,000 in cash.

Mohammed Nisar, 55, had been driving sole trader Quinn to Walsall train station when the passenger hopped out of the vehicle in a rush, forgetting his rucksack.

Finding no words to thank the honest driver, Quinn gave Mohammed a cash reward in an envelope marked ‘to my best friend in the world’ and has even invited him and his wife to his home for a family meal.