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Muslim Man Returns Lost Wallet, Refuses Reward

‘I Did Not Do Anything Exceptional’, he says as he returns wallet with €2,000 cash

A young Bangladeshi Muslim man who runs a leather store in Rome, Italy, has been hailed for his honesty after returning a wallet with €2,000 cash and refusing to be rewarded for that, IlmFeed reported.

Mossan Rasal was going about his day when he found a wallet on the street on Friday.

“The first thing I did was to check the documents. I immediately realized that, for whoever had lost it, it was a real problem. Inside there were credit cards, a driver’s license and identity documents,” Rasal told La Repubblica.

“Then of course, I saw that it was full of money. I didn’t know the amount because I didn’t count it, I just took everything to the [police] station.”

He went immediately to the police to deliver the wallet, without event trying to know how much money was in it.

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“I didn’t even have to think about it, that money wasn’t mine that’s why I returned it,” the 23-year-old said.

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Police thanked the young man for his honesty.

“They were the first to thank me but, for how I was raised, I only did my duty… It was about being honest, as my family taught me to be,” he said.

A few hours after handing in the wallet, the police called Rasal and told him that its owner really wanted to meet him, but humble Rasal was hesitant.

“At first I didn’t want to go because I didn’t want all this attention. Then, in the end, I convinced myself. Now I understand I was right to meet him, he was genuinely happy to meet me and to be able to thank me in person.”

The wallet’s owner, a local businessman, wanted to give Rasal a reward, but he refused insisting that he did nothing special.

“…it wouldn’t have been dignified. Rather, I invited him to visit my stall. I would be happy if he became my client. But I didn’t want any money for returning his wallet that fell right next to my stand.

“It was a pure coincidence and it wouldn’t have been right to be paid for it,” he added.

Rasal is not the first Muslim to impress people for honesty.

In 2008, a world-class violinist gave a free concert at a New York airport taxi stand to show his gratitude to an honest Muslim cab driver who reunited him with his lost 4-million-dollar violin.

In November 2014, a Muslim owner of a Burger King branch in San Jose returned to police a backpack which contained US$100,000 after finding it abandoned at one of the restaurant’s tables.

More recently, a Pakistani Muslim was highly praised for returning Dh50,000 he found on an ATM machine in Dubai.