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Ramadan 2019 Dua - Beautiful!

Allah, may we all reach Ramadan 2019, ameen! Listen to this beautiful Ramadan 2019 dua! Simple Steps to Get Ready for Ramadan (Exclusive Video)

The A to Z of the Holy Month of Ramadan

The A to Z of the Holy Month of Ramadan

Many young Muslims are clueless about what they should do in Ramadan. It is therefore important to have a vision, not only for the month of Ramadan but after that as well. Goals should be set and a routine that will help you achieve those goals should be followed.

Supplicate with His Names: 5 Tips to Take Your Dua to the Next Level!

God Always Answers Our Dua, Turn to Him

Our dua to God is a way to dispel calamities and hardships, and to draw blessings and opportunities to us. However, duas are not the only cause for these desired effects. There are other causes that need to be acknowledged as well, including natural cause-and-effect relationships.

Dua To Thank Allah

Here is a dua to thank Allah and we all need to be in the habit of thanking Allah for everything that happens to us! Alhamdulillah. Those Who Thank Allah

Can I Make Dua Against Someone

Can I Make Dua Against Someone?

Short Answer: The supplication of the one who has been wronged is indeed very powerful. So, you may ask for a just retribution. But, if you choose the path of forgiveness, then from Allah there will be an unlimited reward. …………. Assalamu Alaykum Dear Reader, Thank you for sending your question and for your desire to gain …

Dua For The Month Of Rajab

We are in the month of Rajab! Listen to this beautiful dua for the month of Rajab! Hadith mentioned by At-Tarabani and Ahmad. What Makes the Month of Rajab so Sacred?

Dua To Achieve Success

Dua To Achieve Success

We all wish to achieve success in our lives! Here is a dua to achieve success from Surah Ta-ha 25-28. It has the English translation too.

What is Sadaqah Jariyah? Little Acts With Unlimited Rewards

What is Sadaqah Jariyah? 7 Little Acts With Endless Rewards

These acts will continue to benefit everyone for a long time to come. As long as these acts benefit someone you will continue to be rewarded by Allah (SWT). Even the minute actions such as a smiling are considered as a sadaqah (voluntary charity)…

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