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Have We Prayed Today?

How hurt is our heart when someone calls us arrogant people? Then what if God himself calls us  full of pride? Yes, Allah calls those who rarely pray or make du’a as arrogant people.

Has he felt enough so that he no longer needs to raise his hand to God? Does he feel he no longer needs His helping hand, so not bother to pray?

At least that is the principle that I can contemplate from the morning study of Ustadh Umar Muhsin Hafidzahullah at the Ali bin Abi Talib Mosque this morning.

My soul flinched. My heart was touched and began to probe into the soul. How often I ignore to make du’a.

When the prayer was over, I chose to stand away instead of dhikr and praying. I feel I have forgotten the power of prayer.

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Maybe the difficulties, anxiety and pain that we have felt all this time are because we have never fully rested our souls on God.

No longer has he ever worshiped Him. No longer you want to raise your hand with all your heart.

I once read the name of a Salaf who said that he prayed on a trivial matter, including when his sandals were broken off, he prayed to Allah to replace the sandals with new sandals.

This is not a trivial problem or not like our prayer. This is the problem with our servitude.

With that prayer, we have bound our souls to God Almighty. Yaa Mujib ya Sami, ‘ inspire me to always worship You.

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