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An Anatomy of Murder

An Anatomy of Murder

Murder is heartless, merciless, barbaric and most disgraceful. It is an anomalous act, incompatible with any rationality, morality, and the intended cultural as well as civilizational well-being of people. That is why when a murder occurs, the best form of justice…

Mosque Works to Clean Up, Expand in Las Vegas Crime-ridden Neighborhood

LAS VEGAS – A Las Vegas mosque’s effort to clean up a crime-ridden neighborhood is bearing fruits after a decade-long hard work, Las Vegas Now reported. “It was a gang-riddled and drug infested area,” said Fateen Seifullah, Imam, Masjid As-Sabur. The mosque was first opened in 1986 when Las Vegas was no longer known for …

Ohio Muslim Groups Stand Up for their Embattled Community

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A Muslim group in Columbus, Ohio, is working to aid Muslims, immigrant communities, and refugees, giving them advice and support. “Twenty-five-thousand Muslim children and youth in Columbus are at risk of drugs, gangs, violence,” Zerqa Abid, founder and executive director of My Project USA, told Middle East Eye. “[We have] an immigrant …

Muslims Lauded for Ending Crime in Norwegian City

KRISTIANSAND, Norway – Thanks to a neighborhood watch program launched by Muslims, organized gang crime among young people has almost stopped, according to the local police in the city of Kristiansand, Vest-Agder County in southernmost Norway, Sputnik News reported on Thursday. “We tell the youngsters that fighting is not tough,” said Talal Haydar, the chairman of …

Euthanasia in the Eyes of Islam

Euthanasia, assisted suicide, and assisted dying have gained varying levels of legal status in some US states, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Colombia. Euthanasia may involve a doctor giving a patient a lethal injection in order to relieve suffering. while assisted suicide is a broader term generally indicating that help was given to someone …

Suicidal thoughts

Identification of Individuals with Suicidal Thoughts

Researchers led by Carnegie Mellon University’s Marcel Just and the University of Pittsburgh’s David Brent have developed an innovative and promising approach to identify suicidal individuals by analyzing the alterations in how their brains represent certain concepts, such as death, cruelty and trouble. Published in Nature Human Behaviour, the study offers a new approach to assessing …

Zakah and Distributive Justice

Zakah or Institutionalized Charity is partly spiritual but it is not only spiritual that would make it like any religion which calls people to be charitable.

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