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Mogadishu Victims: They Are Not Just Numbers

As the number of Mogadishu bombing casualities increases, shocking details are revealing about the victims who were killed in the deadliest assault the country has ever witnessed.

Mogadishu bombing

Families Mourn Mogadishu Bombing Victims

Families of those killed in the bombing attack in the battered capital of Somalia are mourning their loss as hundreds of parents faced the agonizing news that shattered their dreams of a better future.

Minnesota's Mosque Bombing: Support Beyond Words

Speaking of the homemade bomb exploding at the six-year-old Dar Al Farooq (DAF) Community Center in Bloomington, Minnesota, Governor Mark Dayton said that this was “A terribly, dastardly, cowardly, terrible act… It’s an act of terrorism.”

Egyptian Muslims Rush to Donate Blood for Church Victims

Responding to mosque calls from minarets, scores of Egyptian Muslim men and women rushed to mosques in Tanta to donate blood for people injured in Sunday’s deadly blast, which struck the Coptic Christian Church on Sunday, April 9.

Why Diversity in Isam is Not a Malady

Why Diversity in Islam is Not a Malady?

Salam (Peace) Dear Peter, I would like to thank you immensely for your eagerness to know about Islam. Let’s start, before anything else, by stating one fact: People are created to lead a life of diversity because without this diversity life would be boring and difficult. Imagine if all people came from the same background, eating …

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