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Prophet Musa, PBUH, Prays for Success (Video)

The story of Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) was narrated in the Qur’an many times, in different ways and various styles. Each account of the story; every detail of the events carries useful lessons and offers beneficial insights. This video is an interesting example.

In this Khutbah, Ustaz Nouman reflects on the short prayers made by Prophet Musa when he was assigned the huge mission of going to the tyrant Pharaoh and inviting him to Islam. It is really amazing to see how much inspiration these few words carry.  What are the requests that Prophet Musa made in his prayers? What is their significance? And how can we get inspired by them in our daily life?


Watch in this video:

  • The context of Prophet Musa’s prayers.
  • “I cannot do it” attitude.
  • Anger control and practicing dawah.
  • How to balance self-confidence and humility.
  • Being a mediocre Muslim is OK?
  • The formula for success.
  • When you effort yields no success.
  • A failure leads a Hindu to Islam.