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Save Yourself - Episode 11

Save Yourself - Episode 11

In this episode Mufti Menk talks about the magicians who pronounced their faiths as soon as they realized that Musa was not magic and they could not produce this magic because they knew it was NOT magic. The Pharaoh was very angry of course because he lost face.

Prophet Musa, PBUH, Prays for Success (Video) - About Islam

Prophet Musa, PBUH, Prays for Success (Video)

The story of Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) was narrated in the Qur’an many times, in different ways and various styles. Each account of the story; every detail of the events carries useful lessons and offers beneficial insights. This video is an interesting example. In this Khutbah, Ustaz Nouman reflects on the short prayers …

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