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Sinai - The land of Miracles Where God Spoke to Moses

Sinai - The Land of Miracles Where God Spoke to Moses

In the remote desert of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula lies a land with immense historical and spiritual significance to the world’s three great monotheistic religions. The Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions all have deep ties to the landscape and monuments of this region. Mount Sinai is venerated by the three faiths for it’s relevance to the …

Asiya Followed Moses

Asiya Followed Moses

Asiya is one of the greatest examples in our history. She followed Prophet Moses (PBUH) not her tyrant husband, Pharaoh and she died for that.


Why Is Prophet Moses Mentioned So Often in The Quran?

Short Answer: These very rich experiences can benefit people on various levels: on the leadership level, on the individual level, and on the community level. The similarity between Prophet Moses and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them both) is another important reason that necessitates such focus on the story of Moses. ______________________________________ Salam Rasha, Thank you …

Prophet Moses

Finding Mercy in Catastrophes with Prophet Moses?

Short Answer: Prophet Moses had sought a man who had been given mercy and knowledge from God. All of the situations that seemed to be major catastrophes, were in fact carrying mercy from God. Sometimes we only judge matters by our shortsightedness, but God being The All-Knowing, The Knower of The Seen and The Unseen, knows …

Prophets Separated From Families Throughout Time

These Prophets Were Separated from Families Too... What to Learn from Them?

With unfortunate events worldwide and children being separated from  families,  I was tempted to research how families who are separated adapt and survive. This curiosity led me to a story where three young boys in the US had been adopted by different families. These three young men grew up with no knowledge of each other. As …

Holy Land

Signs of Mount Sinai's Qur'anic Surah

Surat At-Tur is the 52nd surah of the Holy Qur’an with 49 verses (ayat). This Meccan surah opens with the oath of the Divine One swearing by the Mount of Sinai which is located in Egypt, where the Torah was revealed to Prophet Moses.

Common Grounds Between Moses and Muhammad

Common Grounds Between Moses and Muhammad

Question I was wondering if there is any prophecy regarding the Prophet of Islam found in the Old Testament (Torah). Answer Thank you very much for your question. First, let me please draw your attention that it is not really accurate to refer to the Old Testament as Torah (pronounced in Arabic as “Tawrah“). The …

Prophet Moses (PBUH) Challenges the Magicians

Prophet Moses (PBUH) Challenges the Magicians

The story of Prophet Moses and his encounter with pharaoh’s magicians is very inspiring. The impeccable Quranic account with its matchless composition always gives endless dimensions for reflection. In this lecture Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda takes us through the Quranic story of that encounter and derives useful lessons. More from Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda:

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