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Know About the Shortest Chapter of the Quran

Know About the Shortest Chapter of the Quran

Having assured the Prophet of this munificent gift, which disproves what the calumniators and wicked schemers say, God directs the Prophet to be completely and sincerely thankful to Him for His bounty. He is to devote himself to Him alone in worship…

Best Supporters – Jesus’ Disciples & Muhammad’s Companions

Best Supporters - Jesus' Disciples & Muhammad's Companions

Some groups of Prophet Muhammad’s Companions can be directly likened to the disciples of Jesus. When the fledgling Muslim community migrated to Madinah, they were met and taken in by the residents of Madinah, who came to be known as the Helpers, or the Ansar.

The spiritual journey to God is An Ongoing Journey

5 Lessons From the Journey of Mu’adh ibn Jabal to Yemen

When calling people to Islam, we should call people to Islam in steps, starting with the most important beliefs and subsequently introducing the most important practices. Many people find it difficult to apply everything in Islam at once, so counseling them…

How the Prophet Expressed Gratitude to Allah

How the Prophet Expressed Gratitude to Allah

In common use, gratitude to Allah is defined as devoting all that Allah has bestowed upon you to that for which He has created you. Hence, gratitude transcends speech to a state of being that manifests in one’s character. Allah Almighty clarifies that this rare quality of spiritual devotion is not at all limited to …

Muslim pilgrims from all over the world

The Conquest of Makkah - The Manifest Victory

Another aspect of God’s wisdom at this time was His plans for the disbelievers. He groups together all the enemies of Islam and tells us that He will punish the hypocrites, both men and women, and the idolaters, both men and women, and all those who had an evil thought about Him.

5 Things the Prophet Did in the Last Nights of Ramadan

5 Things Prophet Muhammad Did in the Last Nights of Ramadan

The last ten nights of Ramadan are very special. These are the nights that the Prophet Muhammad would spend in constant worship. Among these nights is the Night of Power – a night more blessed than a thousand months. Prophet Muhammad used to single these nights out for worship…

Good Treatment of Animals– A Forgotten Part of Ihsan

Good Treatment of Animals – A Forgotten Part of Ihsan

If that is the case for an animal we’re about to slaughter, how about the animals which are living around us, sharing the same earth? I heard a heartrending story from a sister some time ago. A few people, just for fun, were torturing a mother cat by…

Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) Our Beloved Prophet

Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), Our Beloved Prophet

A life that has been lived in exemplary, Ways and teachings followed by so many. It’s an honor to be one of those who gets to mention your name, Moreover, to do as you did and strive in goodness just the same.

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