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“I Have A Dream”… Let Your Imagination Run Free

Freedom is a dream. It is even so for the bird that flings itself at the bars of its cage longing for the sky, and the cat that mews and scratches at the door, longing for the field.

Justice is a collective dream, where the artificial distinctions between people are finally dissolved and everyone stands as equals before the authorities on Earth, and when it ultimately will happen in the Hereafter.

The sense that you must contribute something to life, that you are sincere to a dream that you wait to realize… this is enough. It is the need to be an example of creativity or excellence or to contribute something original that opens up new horizons for others or provides an original and fresh configuration of older modes of action.

A young man once asked me:

“What is your most important dream?”

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I answered:

“That at the time of my death, my dreams will still be pulsing with vitality and rising to the challenges, and that they still provide hope for others who face frustration and despair.”

You should never fear for your dreams as long as you are sincere and steadfast, because “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it,” as Paulo Coelho says.

A dream needs to be a lofty desire. It must be imbued with your flesh and blood and infused in your bones. It must be the focus of your sight. It must reside in the words you speak. It must come out when you exhale and return to you when you breathe in again.

Youngsters record their dreams in their notebooks, bedrooms, and knapsacks. Before all of this, the dreams need to be etched into our hearts, our feelings, and deep within our souls. What we scratch in our notebooks will be thrown in the wastebasket, but we must never let our failures cause us to stop pursuing our dreams.

When you connect your dreams with Allah, they take on a timeless, immortal character. They cease being personal dreams and become dreams of the whole community. A worldly dream, when connected with Allah, can extend to the farthest horizons and stretch to the Hereafter where, with Allah’s grace, there is joy that cannot be comprehended on Earth.

Those who do not have the power to dream will never achieve anything. Be careful not to domesticate your dreams in order to bring them in line with the pessimistic, distorted and limited outlook of your present circumstances.

Dream without limits. Let your imagination run free. Create your own imaginary world that will become the real and tangible world when you believe it can.

A dream poster is a simple idea. You write your goals upon it, both your immediate and long-term goals, and hang it in a place where you will see it every day. And you should add to the poster a verse of the Quran, a prophetic hadith, or a wise saying that will encourage you.

We will excel as a nation when we possess dreams as numerous as the people who constitute it, or when those who have noble dreams take life by the collar and move forward.

And we’ll progress when our religious sermons start inspiring our dreams instead of stifling them.

We should note that Martin Luther King said:

“I have a dream.”

He did not say:

“I had a problem.”

Indeed, it was a problem that he was addressing, a problem that still exists. However, if we approach life as a problem, we are making things as difficult for us as we can possibly make them.

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