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Stand Firm- Allah Al-Mateen

Stand Firm: Understand Allah's Name Al-Mateen

When the world gets too hard to bear and all we see and hear are stories of injustice and pain, remember this verse: “Allah’s plan is firm.” No one will escape His justice. He gives everyone time, and He gives everyone an opportunity to turn back…

The Meaning of Suffering

The Meaning of Suffering

Life is a test. We live and we learn through the pain and the joy. We cannot criticize the injustice of suffering in the world if we don’t recognize the lessons it has for us. Only our wilful blindness to those lessons makes us too proud to take them on and change ourselves.

3 Dimensions of Moderation in Quran

3 Dimensions of Moderation in Quran

One characteristic of the Qur’an is moderation or harmony between the divine and human, the spiritual and the material, the individual and the collective, and so on. The Quran pays due attention to all facts of life and all needs of man. It deals with them in such a way as to help man to …

Abdullah ibn Rawahah – An Embodiment of Heavenly Justice

Abdullah ibn Rawahah - An Embodiment of Heavenly Justice

When the Jews heard the words of Abdullah ibn Rawahah, they were stunned. What they just witnessed and heard was a jaw-dropping stuff. As People of the Book (ahl al-kitab), they together with the Christians knew more about faith and virtue…

The Honor of Being Muslim

Being Muslim Is Honor... Imam Basyouni Explains How

Being a Muslim is a choice, it cannot be forced. Islam addresses our emotions, reasonand heart. Why should we submit ourselves to Allah, and to the order of the messenger of Allah? What are the values that Islam focuses on? Imam Waleed Basyouni answers the above questions and more. More Links:

An Anatomy of Murder

An Anatomy of Murder

Murder is heartless, merciless, barbaric and most disgraceful. It is an anomalous act, incompatible with any rationality, morality, and the intended cultural as well as civilizational well-being of people. That is why when a murder occurs, the best form of justice…

Storm of the Heart - My Journey Towards Peace - About Islam

Storm of the Heart - My Journey Towards Peace

Like everyone else, I yearned for peace. I searched for it everywhere but when I was with others, usually I’d feel its absence. People often spoke of peace but didn’t practice it or even really know how to achieve and maintain it.

Prophet Muhammad - The Liberator of Women

Prophet Muhammad: The Liberator of Women

These stories are reflective of the Prophet’s mercy and kindness towards women. But he went even farther. He tried to liberate women from all kinds of injustice, maltreatment and oppression. He can genuinely be viewed as a liberator of women. He gave women such rights and privileges…

Islamic Prescription for Racial Discrimination (Part 1/2)

Islamic Prescription for Racial Discrimination

{I am better than him: You created me from fire and You created him from clay} (Saad 38: 76) This was an infamous racist statement made by Satan, or the Devil, in his arrogance and disobedience to Allah. The story of Satan and Adam is a clear demonstration of how dangerous racial superiority can be …

4 Years On, Family of Three Slain Muslim Students Looks for Justice - About Islam

4 Years On, Family of Three Slain Muslim Students Looks for Justice

Sunday marked four years since three Muslim college students were killed at a Chapel Hill apartment The man accused of their murders has still not gone to trial Initially, police said the killings may have been the result of a parking dispute but the families believe was a hate crime. NORTH CAROLINA – Four years …

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