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Over Sixty People Take Shahada in 2022 with AboutIslam

There are verses in the Qur’an where God talks about moving from darkness towards light, giving people guidance to the right path.

With it God guides those who follow [the course of] His pleasure to the ways of peace, and brings them out from darkness into light by His will, and guides them to a straight path.” (Qur’an 5:16)

Concluding a year full of blessings, AboutIslam’s dawah interactive Live Chat program was blessed to have helped more than 62 new people to take Shahadas since the beginning of 2022.

“The year of 2022 was full of blessings, Alhamdulillah. We were blessed with more than 62 new Shahadas and many keep coming back for more guidance and knowledge,” Abeer El-Tahan, Live Chat manager, told AboutIslam.

Answering people’s questions on Islam, the Live Chat services don’t stop at helping people pronounce the Shahadah, or the Muslim declaration of faith.

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“We offer a sort of startup kit of links to articles, newsletter subscription, Facebook and WhatsApp groups links for new reverts and some very helpful videos,” El-Tahan added.

“Most of our new reverts do love subscribing to our groups and truly benefit from our weekly newsletter devoted to new reverts Alhamdulillah.”

Many visitors have also been sharing inspiring messages through the service.

“I am very grateful; you have cleared my doubts. This service is very useful,” one said.

Another added, “Thank you. This website is so benefitting, since I reverted I’ve been clearing most of my doubts through this website and it’s very knowledgeable.”

New Aspirations

Concluding another successful year, the team hope to expand its efforts to operate and provide help on a 24/7 basis.

“I hope we will be able to provide 24/7 online chatting service with Allah’s help soon inshaa’ Allah,” El-Tahan said.

“There is a very high need for free online Islamic counselling service but understandably it is very hard to provide.

“I hope we will be able to provide ask a scholar service again as we get lots of Fatwa questions.”

Tarek Ezzat, manager of Discover Islam, also hopes AboutIslam Live Chat service would provide a much-needed help to Muslim youth in 2023.

“Muslim youth in the West (and in the East) are today going through a very difficult time. Peer pressure is very strong, and they need good mentors,” he said.

“About Islam Live Chat does its best to offer them this free service for guidance and support. May Allah be with us all. Ameen”

A Pew Research Center’s 2017 report said that Islam is the fastest growing religion.

In a bid to help people seeking answers, AboutIslam Live Chat service kicked off in 2020 to give answers about Islam from credible sources.

In the first four months in 2021, 18 people took the shahada through the program.

Indeed, (O’ Muhammad), you guide not whom you desire, but Allâh guides whom He wills. He knows perfectly well those who attain spiritual insight.” Qur’an (28:56)