Evolution: Theory or Fact? A Muslim Opinion

What does science have to do with religion? Are they separate worldviews, perhaps even conflicting ones that should be kept apart at all costs or can they be brought into constructive conversation? How do different religious traditions view the dialogue between faith and science?

In this lecture, the Muslim professor Dr. Usama Hasan discusses the modern-day opinions of Muslims about the evolution theory. He explores whether the evolution is a “Muslim theory”. Moreover, he answers common misconceptions and sheds light on the religious writings on evolution.

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Hasan is a former planetarium lecturer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich and a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. Additionally, he’s a senior researcher in Islamic studies at the Quilliam Foundation and an imam.

Hasan completed memorizing the entire Qur’an by the age of 11. He has served as an imam since his teens and is a certified transmitter of the Qur’an and Hadith scriptures. Furthermore, he has translated a number of Islamic texts from Arabic and Urdu into English.

Before joining Quilliam, Hasan was a Senior Lecturer in Engineering at Middlesex University. He holds a PhD, MSc & MA in Physics and Artificial Intelligence from the Universities of Cambridge & London.

He served as Director and Trustee of the City Circle, and is Visiting Lecturer at Cambridge Muslim College where he teaches Science, Astronomy and Ethics to graduates of Islamic seminaries.

Enjoy the lecture and we’re waiting for your opinion: