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Losing Faith in God

Losing Faith in God

Short Answer: The Quran does not ask us to reject evolution or any scientific theory as such. We must not forget the fact that a scientific theory is the work of the human mind, which is accepted in science until a better theory replaces it. Certainly scientific theories have their value in their respective spheres. But …


Why Should Islam Oppose Evolution Which Is Backed Up By So Much Evidence?

Short Answer: Humans are beings that have the freedom and the ability to plan projects, transform matter, build intricate structures and machines as well as create beautiful works of art. Reason tells us that such beings endowed with intelligence and other creative capabilities must have come out of the infinite intelligence and creative capabilities of a Super …

By Design or Chance

Origins of Life in Universe: By Design or Chance? (Book Review)

Title: By Design or by Chance? The Growing Controversy on the Origins of Life in the Universe. Author: Denyse O’Leary Publisher: Augsburg Fortress, 2004 Pages: 384 pp. ISBN: 0806651776 Scientists, philosophers, metaphysicists and theologians have debated about the concept of an ‘intelligent creator’, or God, from ancient times. Some are as devoted to proving that this universe is ‘Godless’ as …

Religion and Reason: Conflict or Harmony?

Religion and Reason: Conflict or Harmony?

Advanced study has shown that there is more to life than meets the eye; all the great realities of life lie beyond our comprehension. In ancient times, water was just water. Then with the 19th century came the invention of the microscope. When water was placed under it, the startling discovery was made that it …

Evolution Theory in Light of Islam

Allah has His ways of doing things. These are called in the Qur’an the sunnan of Allah. They are described as immutable and eternal. There has been a debate within Islamic theology regarding the issue of natural “laws,” or more precisely, the issue of causality which is a prerequisite for the construction of natural laws. …

Dr. Rana Dajani

Islam & Evolution: Is there a Controversy?

In the mid-19th century, the English biologist Charles Darwin formulated the scientific theory of evolution by natural selection, published in his book On the Origin of Species (1859).

Non-Science of Intelligent Design?

Intelligent Design (ID) is the assertion that the universe and living things show signs of having been designed by an intelligent agent. This article provides a general discussion of ID and its relation to science and religion.

Islam and Judaism

Religious Evolution According to Qur’an & Torah

The Qur’an teaches us that, unlike other creatures, the modern humans who are anthropologically classified as Homo sapiens sapiens have been created to be Allah’s Vice-regents (deputies or agents) on this earth.

Homo sapiens sapiens

Are We Homo Religiosus?

Scientists now know that anxiety and stress weaken the immune system and increase the chances of not surviving an otherwise survivable illness.

First Man

Evolution: Was Adam the First Man on Earth?

The opening chapters of the Book of Genesis mentions ‘Adam’ as the first man which God created. Biblical Adam is created from adamah (earth). In the Holy Qur’an, Allah informs that He created Adam from a handful of earth taken from the entire world. He was the first prophet of Islam and the first Muslim. …

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