We Care: Young Muslim Helps Senior Citizens in Ramadan

Charity in Ramadan is a spiritual staple of the Islamic holy month. However, offering charity in Ramadan while going through a global pandemic looks a bit different.

In fact, it’s the health crisis itself which spurred Amina Khan, a 15-year-old Texas sophomore, to launch the WE CARE program to assist local senior citizens.

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Amina said witnessing how her own elderly relatives are experiencing loneliness while isolating at home was a catalyst for her initiative.

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“I have grandparents who live in New Jersey alone, and I see how lonely they are right now,” Amina told AboutIslam. “Social distancing does not mean isolating our seniors during these unprecedented times.”

Together with 12 volunteers, including fellow Girl Scouts and friends, Amina and her group are committed to reaching out each week to folks 65 years and older. Each volunteer is responsible for calling on 10 people each week. 

She and the others began organizing on April 21 and are focused on helping in three different areas.

“We’re teaching them how to set up certain platforms to contact friends and family such as Skype, FaceTime and Zoom. We’re arranging grocery pickups to their homes, as well as providing them with updates on new information on the coronavirus from the Centers for Disease Control,” she said.

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