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Texas Muslims Show Spirit of Giving during `Eid

Through efforts big and small, American Muslims showed their generous side during the occasion of  `Eid Al-Adha. Houston business owner Wajahat Zaidi, co-owner of Austin Chai Wala – Houston, a food truck serving tea, snacks, and sandwiches, talked to about his company’s recent profit-sharing efforts. He said he and his business partner, Ahmed Malik, decided …


Houston Muslims & `Eid Traditions

For Houston Muslims, `Eid Al-Adha is full of spiritual significance, steeped in religious tradition and marked by generosity to friends, families, and neighbors. It’s also a time for henna parties, youth socials, carnivals at local mosques, and beating your parents at fasting on the Day of Arafah. Chrystal Said, a mother of five and principal …


Muslim Youth Embrace Islamic Pride in Houston

Assalam Regards At his Houston-area high school, 17-year-old Mohamad Alwan is one of the students spreading the word about the newly formed Muslim Student Association (MSA). The new group, which was only formed this school year, boasts about 30 Muslim students and even a sprinkling of non-Muslims. “We (Muslims) can’t hide in the shadows,” Mohamad, …


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