World Hijabi Queens in 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – As the world welcomes a new year, we in AboutIslam want to welcome 2019 by relating the Top Ten inspiring stories (in our opinion) of hijabi Muslims making history around the world in 2018.

The following articles show how hijab made headlines over the past year, leading women to success while maintaining their modesty.

If you wish to suggest names of other figures who made history in 2018, please use the comments section below to add them.


Meet This Hijabi Muslim Astrophysicist width=620

Because of her achievement, Mutlu-Pakdil was named in the ‘2018 Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World – Academic Leadership and Accomplishment’



Ilhan Omar: America’s Rising Muslim Star width=620

Ilhan Omar is a hijabi young lady who is known for leading the charge to get more Muslims involved in the local American politics.



Hijabi Fulfills Life Dream on US National TV width=620

A hijabi American Muslim has made history in the US after she was hired as a full-time TV news reporter on a mainstream television news station, according to the western Illinois station.



‘I Will Not Remove the Hijab’ – Blind Athlete Hailed, But Disqualified at Asian Games width=620

Tearful Miftahul Jannah refused to take off her headscarf and was barred from competing in judo because of a new rule brought in the day before her event.



Rutgers University Elects New Hijabi Students’ President width=620

Be a “person who provides positive energy and change wherever you walk.”



Sweden Elects First Muslim Woman to Parliament width=620

Laila Ali Elmi is the second Somali-Swedish Muslim to serve in the parliament



Defying Odds, Visually-Impaired Hijabi Thrives as Boxer width=620

Despite the fact that Sannah Hussain was born with weak muscles and serious visual impairment, the fit, strong Muslim woman has a steely determination to succeed in the boxing ring.



First Hijabi Referee Makes History in the UK width=620

Jawahir Roble made history last season, becoming the first female Muslim referee in the UK, and she also wears hijab.



Egyptian Seeks to Be First Hijabi to Climb Everest width=620

An Egyptian Muslim pharmacist is striving to become the first hijabi Arab woman to climb Mount Everest, overcoming social and cultural challenges to fulfill her life dream.



L’Oréal Picks First Hijabi for Hair Campaign

L’Oréal Picks First Hijabi for Hair Campaign

The world’s largest cosmetics company, L’Oréal Paris Elvive, has cast its first veiled model, Amena Khan, in a major haircare campaign.