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Rochdale Islamic School Wins 2021 Best Youth Service Award

An Islamic school in Rochdale has received the Best Youth Service award at the 2021 British Beacon Mosque Awards in recognition of its work with young people.

“This is truly an honor. I am humbled that our work here at Lantern has been recognized nationally by the British Beacon Mosque Awards 2021,” Mohammed Shahid, Head of Lantern Academy, told In Your Area.

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The Lantern Academy is an Islamic madrassah in Greater Manchester.

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This award is the second the academy has won in the past few years, having been named the Best Madrassah in the UK in 2020.

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The academy is a branch of the Golden Mosque, which was founded in 1963 and was the first mosque in Rochdale, and teaches more than 350 students from across the borough from primary to GCSE level in Quran recitation, Islamic studies, maths, English and much more.

“We strive in offering the best for our students, nurturing them and educating them in becoming professional young citizens of the country as inevitably they are our next generation,” Shahid said.

“This award is dedicated to team Lantern and our students who are our beacons of light who complete the Lantern family. Well done to you all!” he added.

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According to the Association of Muslim Schools, the UK has different types of schools; Madrassas are those religious schools attached to mosques, while full-time Muslim schools aren’t focused on the recitation of the Holy Qur’an.

In April 2019, a Manchester Islamic High School for girls rated outstanding for the third year running.

Also in 2019, in November, eight Muslim faith schools were recognized among the top 20 schools in Britain for academic progress in 2019.